I would like to discuss my process as I am developing a new process for my paintings and would like to document and adjust it here. 
 First I use Ampersand Gessoboard. I love these panels as they are already prepared and have a surface I do not have to do anything else to to prepare it.  Also, they look very nice without framing if you get the 2 inch deep panels. 
1. I draw on large newsprint my composition and work out any flaws in pencil adding pages as needed or covering over with additional paper and growing my design. 
2. Next I rub powered charcoal all over the back of the newsprint.
3. Then I tape the newsprint onto the Ampersand Support and trace over my design to transfer it to the panel. This works very well and quickly.
4. Then I use either thin oil paint or inks to permanantly and lightly outline the drawing on the panel. 
5. Then I use a dry cloth and wipe away the leftover charcoal.
6. Now I will paint the underpainting. For this painting I will use Ink as an underpainting after I adjust my composition. Once done this I will post it. 

I have a painting that will be exhibited in the Human Rights Art Exhibition.