8/6/2022 Studied Kenne Gregoire for new works. 

8/3/2022 Studied Botero for concept and color for new paintings

@2020- ongoing In mentorship with Edward Povey

Sharon Sayegh's oil paintings contain imagery and symbolism of memories and scenes from her childhood growing up in, and near Atlantic City, NJ, to her present home situated in a forest in East Brunswick, NJ. Growing up in a bicultural family had a profound impact on her art. Born to a Syrian immigrant father and an adventurous 3rd generation American mother her childhood was filled with exotic stories of her father's experiences growing up in medieval Damascus against the backdrop of manicured lawns, well kept garden homes of Margate City and the carnival atmosphere of Atlantic City, NJ.

Sayegh was born with congenital hip dysplasia and spent many years in a brace. She believes this led to a lengthy depression lasting decades. She also believes her art saved her. After earning BA from University of Pennsylvania, Sayegh continued her studies at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. She was a Private Investigator and made floats for the Miss America Pageant.

In 2020 Sayegh received the Bernadette Award from the National Association of Women Artists. She is a member of the International Guild of Realism (IGOR) as well as a Signature Member of Artists for Conservation. She was recently interviewed on the Creative Brick Road Podcast.

Exhibitions include the 2020 and 2021 ArtFair14C, Van Der Plas Gallery, Chicago's Zhou B Art Center, Hunterdon Art Museum, Holocaust Museum Houston, Limner Gallery, TEDxNavasink2014, George Segal Gallery, Mikhail Zakin Gallery, 33 Contemporary Gallery, and the NJ Arts Annual.

Her work is in the permanent collection of South Texas College, McAllen, Texas.