Currently reading Concerning the Spiritual in Art by Wassily Kandinsky. I agree with the translator, M. Sadler, in his introduction that a great writing will generate controversy. I wonder can one really convey in words what a great painting posesses? Seriously I doubt it is truely possible. Even though, we can try and must try to discuss what makes a painting great. Kandinsky "valued only those artists who really are artists,....... who embody the expression of their inner life" "who work only for this end and cannot work otherwise". I think for myself as an artist that I strive to create unique work that does not at least consciously reference other artists. I refer to other artists when I feel stuck, perhaps looking for resolutions for composition as I am doing with my current work a graphite of Salah Choudhury. I love the complexity of Diego Riveras large murals that depict historical and narrative images. I want to create a dramatic drawing conveying the beauty and peace and serenity of Bangladesh as well as the violence, and threats against Salah's life there.