In 2008 we moved into our house. It is resting somewhere in the middle of 2.4 acres of woods.  The previous owner was a hunter and hammered deer antlers of animals he hunted into the trees. It must have been some time ago as the trees have grown and the antlers have grown up with them.  Sometimes the trees breathe, that is you can see steam flowing out of them in the early morning.  My dog 'Joy' can sniff out the spirits of creatures that live in our forest garden. She races outside every morning to say good morning to them. (Im nor sure they're so happy to see her as they never stick their heads our). But never the less there are spirits in our garden.  It is alive with them. So here are 2 of the sculpture I am making of the 'forest garden spirits.'
Last night I bought a jig saw and cut out a block of wood to fit into the back. I then glued them to the hollowed out inside of the head. I used a mirror mastic glue on one of them and a very strong mixture of JB Weld. Hopefully both will hold without any problem. The challange will be hanging the larger piece and considerably heavier I have yet to do.  This way I could hang them and now I can continue to work on them the way they were intended to be presented, hanging flush on the wall.