Arts In Montclair Banner Project

I am excited my work was selected for Arts In Montclair Banner Project. It was selected from over 200 entries along with 9 other artists' work. Hey that is a 5% chance of being selected! This will take place in the fall 2018 in Montclair NJ.  I will post on my upcoming show/events page when I have more information.

Press Release for Art Alliance of Monmouth County Exhibition

Press Release

Contact: Janet Ducote
Phone: (723) 224-9259
May 12,2017

Oil Painter Sharon Sayegh Featured at
The Ebba Osborne Memorial Award Exhibition

Sharon Sayegh’s luminous oil paintings, with either 24K gold leaf or Swarovski crystal, will be featured at The Ebba Osborne Memorial Award Exhibition at The Art Alliance in June. Sayegh’s narrative portraits show us that humans “are inextricably linked to the natural world”. They are highly detailed and rich with nature. The central figure is “pensive”, while the animals surrounding most often are metaphors or symbols.

Sayegh’s style is influenced by many art movements, including a favorite, Primitive, but also Medieval, Surrealism, Pop, and other periods. She describes her work as self portraits “in spirit”, the inspiration coming from her own “personal experience and living in today's political climate”. “[E]ach painting expresses an idea of importance” to her.

NJ native, and long-time resident, Sayegh earned her B.A. at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. She later studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of Art (its earlier name), also in Philadelphia. Sayegh sites mentor Neil Welliver, and teachers Dorothy Yung, and Marcel Franquelin, as having significant impact on her artistic development.

Sayegh shows her work nationally and is an award winning artist, including The Hunterdon Art Museum Prize. Her work is in The Permanent Art Collection, South Texas College, McAllen, TX. It has also appeared in several publications, the most recent will be in the Minetta Review, Spring 2017, the literary and art magazine of New York University.

Inside the gallery, the Art Alliance will present recent works juried by Sayegh, under two different themes, Symbols and Backyard. This exhibition is open to members and non-members and is the final exhibition for the season.

The show opens on Saturday, June 3, with a reception from 6-8 p.m. Refreshments will be served, and the public is invited to attend. The exhibition continues through June 26, and can be viewed during gallery hours, Tuesday through Saturday, noon to 4 p.m.

For more information, visit the website at, or visit or call the gallery during operating hours, (732) 842-9403.

Founded in 1978, the Art Alliance of Monmouth County is dedicated to promoting the advancement of the visual arts and providing exhibition, studio, and classroom space to local artists. New members are always welcome and membership by art lovers is also encouraged.

Membership in the Art Alliance is open to visual artists at any skill level and to art lovers. Membership fee is $40 per year, $25 for students with i.d. Benefits of membership include reduced entry fee for all exhibits ($5 per piece for up to 3 pieces for members; $10 per piece for non-members); affordable studio space; diverse classes and workshops; networking opportunities; the possibility of mounting an independent exhibit during the summer. In addition, the Art Alliance maintains a website, a bi-monthly newsletter, and a Facebook page.

Programming at the Art Alliance is made possible in part by Monmouth Arts through funding from the Monmouth County Board of Chosen Freeholders, and the New Jersey State Council on the arts.

In 2008 we moved into our house. It is resting somewhere in the middle of 2.4 acres of woods.  The previous owner was a hunter and hammered deer antlers of animals he hunted into the trees. It must have been some time ago as the trees have grown and the antlers have grown up with them.  Sometimes the trees breathe, that is you can see steam flowing out of them in the early morning.  My dog 'Joy' can sniff out the spirits of creatures that live in our forest garden. She races outside every morning to say good morning to them. (Im nor sure they're so happy to see her as they never stick their heads our). But never the less there are spirits in our garden.  It is alive with them. So here are 2 of the sculpture I am making of the 'forest garden spirits.'
Last night I bought a jig saw and cut out a block of wood to fit into the back. I then glued them to the hollowed out inside of the head. I used a mirror mastic glue on one of them and a very strong mixture of JB Weld. Hopefully both will hold without any problem. The challange will be hanging the larger piece and considerably heavier I have yet to do.  This way I could hang them and now I can continue to work on them the way they were intended to be presented, hanging flush on the wall.

'Gone Fishing' is one of my cigar box paintings above. I have been making these small paintings for  about 2 years.

This began as an underpainting for a full color painting, but I have decided for now at least to leave it since comments have been that it is a strong painting as it is. 

Here are some new paintings I am working on. This one is my nephew in a mock Brea middle panel of a tryptic Church piece I saw in Monte Carlo.  I have added his dog (or a more trim and fit version of Dakota), the cartoon characters I saw on a wall in Chelsea, nyc skyline and others. It was more of a fun piece I made for him.

 I would like to discuss my process as I am developing a new process for my paintings and would like to document and adjust it here. 
 First I use Ampersand Gessoboard. I love these panels as they are already prepared and have a surface I do not have to do anything else to to prepare it.  Also, they look very nice without framing if you get the 2 inch deep panels. 
1. I draw on large newsprint my composition and work out any flaws in pencil adding pages as needed or covering over with additional paper and growing my design. 
2. Next I rub powered charcoal all over the back of the newsprint.
3. Then I tape the newsprint onto the Ampersand Support and trace over my design to transfer it to the panel. This works very well and quickly.
4. Then I use either thin oil paint or inks to permanantly and lightly outline the drawing on the panel. 
5. Then I use a dry cloth and wipe away the leftover charcoal.
6. Now I will paint the underpainting. For this painting I will use Ink as an underpainting after I adjust my composition. Once done this I will post it. 

I have a painting that will be exhibited in the Human Rights Art Exhibition.

Above is a link to the virtual tour at the Maryland Federation of Art where one of my drawings is currently on exhibition in their "Work on Paper" exhibit in Anapolis, Maryland.

I have been accepted into the 34th Annual Art on Paper National Juried Exhibition at the Maryland Federation of Art, Circle Gallery, 18 State Circle, Annapolis, MD. Yeah! I will be exhibiting "Summer Senior Year." Check out my website to preview the graphite drawing.

Thanks, Barbara for putting me on our Exhibitorscoop. com website. I say 'ours' even though I have been with you for well over a year (maybe 2 by now), yet you all have been together so long and much, much longer than me. Either way you all make me feel welcome and I love our group.

I am working on what I call my Cigar Box paintings. I saw in the MOMA the other day a tiny Picasso figure. I couldn't forget it and had an idea. The figurative work I am doing now, well I had 3 very small panels and now know what to do with them! I am working on three right now and am running out to buy more, many more. My little black sketch book drawings I make everywhere I go are becoming paintings.

Joan Snyder is lecturing at the Zimmerli Museum at 2 pm Feb. 13th. 2011. I will be there so please join me.

I returned from Nice, France, Aix en Provence, Monte Carlo, Cannes ; Arizona; and dropping off my son at his new school Cornell. Wow, what a whirlwind. I wish him the best of luck in his new school. Now I am back to work and it feels great! I have added new work to my website, just a few pieces which I will separate into series once the rest are complete. But just to keep up to date I have entered them. I am working on several new series and will keep you posted.

Colmar France is about 300 miles from Nice. So I dont think I will be visiting Schongauer's Madonna soon. This is the medieval painter's masterpiece and I love the colors in it. I love the religious medieval paintings. They are such gems to me, though often I feel they are stuffy and oppressive, I am still drawn to the gemlike quality of them.