Artist Statement

The female figure is dominant in my work and is based on a  self portrait, family member or friend. It lives in an unreal environment fabricated by my imagination.   They exist as a representation of the self in a relationship with some aspect of natural or man made world. The often pensive expression on the face is meant to draw the viewer into the self and the internal conversation.

My paintings are narratives or allegorical and metaphors often take  the form of animals, and the surroundings.  I am interested in relationships between people as well as between people and the natural world. 

I want to express the wonder, poetry and the ineffable around me woven together into an allegory or narrative. They are often depictions of challenges we face just  existing in this world. 

My Story


I am an american artist. I grew up in an affluent southern NJ beach town outside of the carnival atmosphere of Atlantic City.  Margate is a charming town with carefully manicured lawns, gardens, boxwoods and lots of hydrangeas all within walking distance of the Atlantic Ocean.  My parents and two siblings were very articulate and verbose. Growing up painfully shy I did not find anyone particularly interested in what I had to say so I turned to art making to express my emotions in the beginning. As I grew I discovered art making as a language and began to use it to express my ideas as well as my feelings. 

I had a fairly typical childhood other than being the daughter of a Syrian Jewish immigrant which made us feel quite different from other families. By contrast my suburban life seemed lacking in the adventure and drama my parents experienced.  

Attending University of Pennsylvania I was granted an opportunity to study independently with Neil Welliver, then director of the graduate school of Fine Arts at Penn.  A rare opportunity for an undergraduate. Upon graduation I studied at Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts.  At that point I was not ready to commit myself to an art career. I became  a  Private Investigator, Cocktail Waitress, Commercial Artist, and I received the equivalent of an BS degree as I thought about becoming a Physical Therapist.  In a effort to be practical I earned a Teachers Certification, married and raised two beautiful children. Throughout, though, I never abandoned making art.  I eventually returned to what I knew I was in my heart and the only thing that always satisfied my soul, becoming a painter.

 I find art making centers me and keeps me focused on the essence of life, an inward journey full of the adventure I perceived as missing from my childhood.  I am completely absorbed in this fascinating work and its process. There are so many decisions to be made and it is always challenging.  It adds a richness to my life that is unparalleled as far as I can tell.  I really had no choice but to become an artist as I always felt myself one. Art chose me and not the other way around.  

Presently, my studio is attached to my home nestled within 2.4 acres of virgin forest.  For the past 10 years or so I have attended a weekly artist critique group. We share our work and get valuable feedback, support and is a place to share our discoveries, art and techniques.



Sharon Sayegh is a contemporary artist who lives and works in New Jersey. Her work tackles universal as well as political themes through metaphor and symbolism. It is infused with the beauty of nature, animals and women.  She works in oils with gold, silver, and palladium leaf. 


She earned her Bachelor of Arts from University of Pennsylvania  where she studied under Neil Welliver and graduated Cum Laude. She continued her art studies at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts.  She has received various awards for her artwork. 

She exhibited in the Human Rights Exhibition at South Texas College, as well as the Holocaust Museum Houston. Her work is in the permanent collection of South Texas College, McAllen, Tx. as well as other private collections. 

She is a member of National Association of Women Artists. She was an invited Curator/Juror at Alliance of Monmouth County, Red Bank NJ. Her work was a featured artist at TedXNavasink2014. She has won many awards for her art.  Her work has been  exhibited in New Jersey Arts Annual, the statewide prestigious art exhibition. She was featured artist in Artsy Shark and has work featured  in many arts and literary publications

Her work has been reviewed bu John Boylan in U Got It, and by Dr. Richard Benkin in interfaith Strength for her Series, "Brave Hearts: Warriors for Peace".