Artist Statement

Inspiration for me is everywhere such as  the social/political climate, literature, myths, personal experiences and art history.  Animals are significant in my paintings.  I use them metaphorically and I consider other objects for their symbolic meaning. My work  has multiple layers of meanings I am consciously aware of as I paint.

The figure is often from my imagination but they are  self portraits at least in spirit and each painting express an idea of  importance to me.  The pensive, reflective facial expressions on many of my figures  is a more accurate reflection of my inner feelings than perhaps a self portrait from life would be.

I present people and animals together because I believe we are inextricably linked to the natural world. Whether or not we encounter or think about animals or nature in our modern daily lives the relationship existed since our prehuman ancestors. This relationship has impacted our genes and through them who we are today.  In this world we are both prey and predator. We need the natural world to survive and yet it also has it out for us.  It is a delicate and fragile balance.   Part of the  human condition is making order out of this chaos.